Associate Prof. Dr. Rasti Maďar, MD, PhD., FFTM RCPS (Glasg).

Born: 1973

Graduated at the Jessenius Medical Faculty, Comenius University in Martin, Slovakia (MD)

PhD. study completed in 2001 at the Medical Faculty CU, Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2007 became associate professor (docent)

Specialises in: infectious diseases, infection control, hospital-acquired infections, vaccines and travel & tropical medicine

Editor in chief of the peer-reviewed medical journal Nosocomial Infections – since 2002 [Czech and Slovak Republics]

Founder and President of the international NGO International Humanity - from 2004

President of the Slovak Society for the Prevention of Nosocomial Infections – from 2005

President of the Forum of Infectious Diseases, Travel and Tropical Medicine – from 2006

Head of the Vaccination Center in Ostrava-Hrabuvka, Czech Republic – from 2008

Medical Director of the largest network of Travel Medicince and Vaccination Centers Avenier in the Czech Republic – from 2009

Editorial board chairman of the peer-reviewed medical journal – Vaccination and Travel Medicine – from 2010

President of the Coalition for the Promotion of Vaccination - from 2011

Board member of the World Federation for Hospital Sterile Sciences.

Member of the International Society of Travel Medicine and of the International Epidemiological Association.

President of the World Congress WFHSS in 2014.

Reviewer of the scientific medical journals: Vaccine, Tropical Medicine and Surgery etc...

Assoc. Professor Rasti Maďar is an author of more than 400 publications and papers including several books. His papers have been cited in more than 350 publications.

Organising committee member of more than 20 conferences.

Teaching Professor / Lecturer (curent or former) at universities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and Estonia.

As a physician, he has taken a leading active and organisational role in more than 10 humanitarian missions to poor developing countries including those affected by Tsunami and some of the poorest African countries. Co-founder of the Free International Humanity Clinic in Nepal and leader of development projects in Malawi.

As a keen traveller, he has visited more than 80 countries and written more than 10 travel articles published in prestigious travel journals globally including Vietnam, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Guadelope, Martinique, Dominican Republic and St. Lucia.